How I got into Photography

I had always gravitated to art. When I was younger, I drew a lot of dinosaurs and whales with the hope of becoming a paleontologist or marine biologist. It is interesting that mixing art with science has always been something I did. Which is why doing photography and working on a nursing degree should be no surprise.

I moved to photography from painting and drawing when I, like so many other people, joined DeviantArt. I fell in love with the community there and I ended up exploring into the photography realm and discovered the iconic Lara Jade. She exploded on DeviantArt and now she is an incredible and high-demand fashion photographer based in New York. It was her amazing images and the photography community on DeviantArt is why I begged to get my first camera which was a Fujifilm Point and Shoot. I did a lot of emo self-portraiture and bad graphic design on my ripped off photoshop program (you will never see those photos hahaha).

Then I took a photography class in high school and I learned the HOWs of photography on a manual camera. Mr. Ketelson was my teacher and he was great, though I might have been a shit head in school. I realize now that his photography class helped me pivot and solidify the technical knowledge, love, and appreciation for photography and art.

My earlier works are very hard to find even to myself, the hard drive that I saved everything on, no longer seems to work properly but I keep it around in hopes one day I can get the photos off it. I did photography mostly for fun and then every now and then I made some money here and there during my time in college.

I upgraded my point and shoot to a Canon XT and got a bunch of lens and went ham! I took photos of everything and anything, playing with filters in photoshop, shooting my best friends at the time, thinking how cool I was. I took another photography class in college by Mr. Raabe and there I learned more about the history of great photographers and what makes the image and more of the WHY I shot this image. Mr. Raabe had always believed I was pretty good, unfortunately, I didn’t.

When I got into AmeriCorps I left my home and traveled and took more photos of my team and the beautiful country we live in. I will admit during this time, I wasn’t shooting as much unless I was in beautiful places and eventually when I was done, I didn’t shoot for a full year but I kept following my favorite photographers and still stayed inspired by them.

Fast - forward till now, I told myself I am going to do something with this and I restarted my journey. I am taking the leap to shoot with more intention and being more selective of what I shoot and realize my worth.

See the images below of my work in college and AmeriCorps. Please don’t mind the horrible, filters and overall bad job!

If anyone is reading this, what was your journey like?