Sony A7R - 2 Years Later


It’s been two years since I switched from Canon to the Sony A7R. My first DSLR was a Canon XT many many years ago. I slowly upgraded to a Canon T3i and expanded my lens collection. As I grew, I started eyeing my next upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark II. It was when I went to Iceland with my then boyfriend who had the Sony A7R and I ended up going that direction.

I had my heart set for the Canon 5D Mark II however, due to opportunity, price, and falling in love with it, I switched to Sony. After two years of heavy use of the Sony A7R and a sweet lens upgrade, there are a couple things I wish for my next camera.

  1. Longer Battery Life - the Sony A7R ate batteries like candy. After heavy use, the battery drained quickly and I ended up eating 4 batteries during the second shoot of a wedding.

  2. Body Proportionate to the Lenses - I ended up getting a 24-70mm 2.8 G-Master lens which I am in love with. However, the lens was damn huge on the body. The weight distribution was pretty crazy and my next body I would love to have a more balanced camera.

  3. Focusing - During movement of a subject, keeping up with following the subject and keeping it tack sharp was difficult. This could be user error but I am loving the idea of using the eye tracking feature on the new Sony bodies

  4. Smaller Files - I don’t need a 36-megapixel camera or the large files that come with it. I learned pretty quickly that space on hard drives and memory cards are becoming valuable to me.

  5. Two Card Slots -  redundancy is my middle name and just the peace of mind of having a backup card is worth the extra money to have that feature.

While it might be awhile for me to switch, I will have my eye on a Sony A7III and if the opportunity arises to upgrade, I’ll more likely end up taking it. If in a few months down the road, Canon gets it together and end up breaking the camera world with a better mirrorless body after EOS-R, I would consider switching. In the meantime, I can get the job done with the Sony, it has survived harsh weather and frantic shoot days and I am overall pretty happy with the work it has helped me produce.